In House Yoga

What better way to start or end your Margaret River Retreat at Bina Maya

Yoga on the balcony Residence Bina Maya

Yoga Spa

Mandy from Devahiti Yoga is now offering a selection of indoor experiences to reduce stress and assist with healing and wellbeing on all levels.

Whether its private yoga, gentle body release and realignment treatments or the deeply relaxing sound bowl massage, you are in some self love. We bring balance back into our nervous system as we calm and relax the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

All of these experiences are done in the comfort of your own villa, at a time that is convenient for you and all equipment is provided too.

Gentle Hatha Yoga enables the body and mind to find calm and focus in the present moment. It is through breath awareness that we manage to realign our physical body with the mental and energetic systems.

Yin yoga sessions are also available and a great way to unwind by slowing down the body and mind. Essential oils are also incorporated to assist in the calming / balancing of the nervous system as well as supporting the emotional body.

Sessions are tailored to suit all levels (beginners and all ages) all equipment is provided.


Duration is 75 minutes. 1-2 guests from $180, 3-4 guests $250

Sound Bowl Massage Wellness Bina Maya

Sound bowl massage

Let sound and vibration guide you into letting go and releasing tension on all levels, physical, mental, emotional. These incredible sound bowl massage sessions enable deep relaxation by calming the nervous system, reducing stress and assisting the healing process. 

​Sound and vibration is directed into the body by specifically chosen, therapeutic-quality sound bowls. The bowls are placed over the body, on specific areas and in a certain method. This experience will leave you feeling incredibly relaxed and grounded.

Duration 60 minutes as an add on to yoga only

For more information and for appointments during your luxury holiday please contact Mandy direct once Sara has confirmed your stay