Immerse yourself in the Noongar Six Seasons

Yallingup Aboriginal Art Gallery

If you find yourself in the stunning Southwest, and crave a more cultural experience there are three new experiences to indulge in that are all about the Noongar Six Seasons. In this time of conscious travel and sustainable living, something we can all learn from is the deep connection to the land that the Noongar people have. The Six Seasons: Birak, Bunuru, Djeran, Makuru, Djilba and Kambarang align so sensibly with the local environment, encapsulating all elements, and a way to listen to Mother Nature. Armed with the knowledge of seasonality we listen more. We align more. We know what’s abundant and when. What way the wind will blow. The best time to care for country. What to fish and when to fish. The Noongar people have been living this way for thousands of years. This local Indigenous wisdom is something to seek out through the arts, through our local custodian and even how wine making can align with the Six Noongar Seasons.

Yallingup Aboriginal Art

Now, we must confess that this is our passion project. For a time we had a small Indigenous art gallery on our property Bina Maya Gallery. A combination of Covid times and the yearn to do something bigger gave birth to Yallingup Aboriginal Art: A window to dreamtime. Opened in Nov 2023 the gallery is not just a place to view and buy ethical Indigenous art. The gallery welcomes visits to simply immerse in Aboriginal culture through the arts. The collection is a diverse array of contemporary Indigenous art from Australia wide. Every piece tells a story. The gallery team love spending time walking visitors through the space, giving background on the artists and the dreamtime stories behind the works. Pieces range from Central Australia, Queensland, APY lands South Australia, the Kimberley region, Gascoyne and of course the SouthWest and more. Our local Noongar artists love to express their vision of the Noongar Six Seasons through colour. Concurrently, visitors learn through the art stories and via educational information from our local custodian, Josh Whiteland. A gallery visit offers a chance to connect with the land through the arts and of course take home a piece of culture to then become a custodian of the story.

Ngligi Cave’s Ancient Land Experience: A Journey Through Time

For a truly immersive encounter with the Six Seasons, embark on the newly opened Ancient Land Experience at Ngligi Cave. This newly curated self-guided tour takes you on a journey encapsulating history and nature and the significance of each season. Visitors learn to appreciate the land’s evolution through the lens of the Noongar people. Josh Whiteland our local custodian, has been running his Koomal Dreaming tours from the caves for over 15 years. Speaking of the newly built experience Josh says “Visitors can now get a better understanding of the Six Noongar Seasons, all the native and traditional names of places, the geology and power of the water, flora and fauna, and there’s a new nature playground, walking trails gallery and gift shop. The tour can be booked as a stand alone experience or packaged with a guided tour of Ngligi Cave.

Jilyara Cellar Door: Where Wine Meets the Six Seasons

After a day of cultural exploration, head to Jilyara Cellar Door to unwind and indulge in a unique wine-tasting experience. What sets Jilyara apart is its commitment to aligning winemaking with the Noongar Six Seasons. Learn about the wine making process: Birak, the season of growth and nurturing for the vines. Bunuru the time for transformation and ripening, the season of harvest for white grapes. Djeran, the season of the first rain, the time to burn off and the time to harvest red grapes. Makuru, the first winter, the vintage is in its inception and vines lay dormant. Djilba, the season of conception, the time to prune and thin the vines in preparation for growth. Kambarang, the season of birth, the time for new leaves to grow, with vine buds bursting. With a visit to Jilyara, a small family run cellar door, each sip tells a tale of the land with a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern indulgence. Maria leads a beautiful wine tasting experience which you can indulge with a grazing platter whilst looking over the bushy mini golf course at Yallingup Maze.

Good to know

Yallingup Aboriginal Art and Jilyara Cellar Door are located at the newly renovated space at the front of Yallingup Maze (3057 Caves Road, Yallingup). The Ancient Lands experience is at Ngligi Caves Caves Road, Yallingup.. All three experiences are 5-10 minutes away from Bina Maya. Learn to tread softly, we are on Wadandi Boodja.